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Top 4 Crypto Trading Tools

The best crypto trading tools on the market are the ones that help you make the best decision. While connecting with other investors in the crypto sector should be a constant effort, meeting the right people and learning about the best trading resources sometimes depend on luck. 


However, experimenting with various tools that fit your requirements is a task you can start immediately and will improve your work. 


The choice is between going with the crowd and purchasing exorbitantly priced cryptocurrencies or finding the next undiscovered gem that has the potential to double your portfolio. 


Look at the top 4 crypto trading tools and the reviews of the websites offering them to make things easier for you. 


Let’s begin!


Crypto Calculator Widget

Calculator widgets are the initial crypto trading tools. Users could convert Bitcoin to any significant currency by using the widgets. In addition, they offer real-time trends and conversions for better decisions.

Using currency exchange rates, the PlasBit Bitcoin calculator shows you the worth of your bitcoin in international currencies. It also offers historical and real-time trends of your chosen currency against bitcoin value.

Britomart offers a free crypto calculator widget for real-time conversions and a referral commission.

Coin market cap not only helps you with the conversion that is regularly updated. It has several other markets to show the healthiness of the market of the currency with which you are trading your BTC.


Crypto price ticker Widget


The price ticker widget is the second crypto trading tool offered by several companies, such as Coin360, CoinStats, and PlasBit. With the help of this widget, you can keep track of the essential cryptocurrencies’ most recent trends. 

This single widget on PlasBit can add multiple coins to give each visitor essential and accurate information.


Coin360 has a widget that can be added on a black ground while displaying information on each cryptocurrency and the current market.


CoinStats displays your widget in the form of graphs with real-time trends.



Crypto Coin list Widget

Crypto Coin List Widget helps in making things easier for you by displaying real-time conversions of all bitcoins. 

PlasBit offers up-to-date information on all coins along with raw data.

CoinStats is another website offering this widget, but only for top coins, so you might not be delighted.


Crypto Profit Widget

It’s the most robust crypto trading tool that calculates trading profits and losses. This is helpful for a user to be the master in crypto trading. 

PlasBit offers real-time profits on each coin’s trading, making the widget a valuable asset for users.

CryptUnit calculates profit for all mining and trading activities without any cost.


Final Words

Several websites are offering these four best crypto trading tools. However, PlasBit surpasses all by having all widgets on their website. You no longer have to surf through different websites to gather information to make trading decisions. Instead, visit PlasBit and calculate your bitcoin against any international currency or calculate the profits on your bitcoin without any hassle.

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