OpenAT - New Opensource Algo Trading Library

05 Jan 2018 · Last update 06 Jan 2018

OpenAT - New Opensource Algo Trading Library

About the project:

Working in the computer vision domain I’m used to having well-defined data types, algorithms and helper functions all wrapped into the terrific OpenCV library.

OpenAT is a C++ library you can use to interact with a general market, allowing the user to make a decision based on the available global market information (such as coinmarketcap data).

It is meant to be a community-driven project. Contributors are welcome! One of the first things that need work is implementing cryptocurrency exchange APIs, right now OpenAT only works with Kraken.

From the developer:

Right now, I’m developing OpenAT in parallel with OpenAT Daemon ( ): the aims of this second project are:

  • Create a working project with OpenAT
  • Create a data collector (in order to do machine learning on the collected data, implement a Strategy that works with ML)
  • Make the bot trading for me, implementing the strategies I want for certain pairs (for instance, I’d like to HODL certain pair, Buy Low and Hold others, use dollar cost averaging for other currencies, …) This second project is currently WIP and I still need time to make it work. But the general architecture is defined (and I’m implementing the BuyLowAndHodls strategy in my local setup). The same reasoning as before applies: if you want to help, feel free to do it!

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