• Bitcoin futures
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  • Sentiment
  • Bitcoin futures data

Futures premium data on OKCoin

Updated hourly, free public JSON. There is a parsed version without redundant data that is compatible with Google’s free charting library, see the spline chart here.

Google charts compatible JSON:

Then there is a full backup of all collected data since April 2016: It is available on firebase, the same data should be also available here: Getting the data off firebase should be more stable. You will have to sanitize them, there is a huge overlap between the months.

The datasets are updated hourly.

Bitcoin spot market data

Coin Market Cap API

Bitcoin and altcoins ticker and stats API. Available via https, updated minutely (?). It’s public JSON, easily parsed. API is well documented:

It’s pretty cool for simple website widgets.

Altcoin markets data

Poloniex LAST price + percent change, ticker

Updated minutely

No access limit

JSON public endpoint

For separate coin pair tickets see URIs at

Also as HTML widget: black letters on white or white letters on transparent background

Data for sentiment analysis

Reddit /r/bitcoinmarkets daily thread top level comments

Updated daily

JSON public endpoint (normally, Reddit requires authorization and limits all bots and scripts)

Reddit selftext posts mentioning bitcoin exchanges

Updated daily

JSON public endpoint (might be off or late at times)

… you get the system