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Crypto Trading Tools List

Crypto trading tool lists provide users with a comprehensive market analysis and valuable insights. If you are a crypto investor and are not utilizing these crypto trading tools, then you are wrong. The primary objective of the crypto trading tools list is to facilitate research, and to this end, they perform functions like; offering real-time data, providing analytical tools, charting capabilities, etc. This article will take you through some of the best crypto trading tools lists and recommend some of the best trading platforms that provide these crypto trading tools.

Crypto Trading Tools

This crypto trading tools list includes some of the best crypto trading tools that you can utilize next time you want to make research current market trends;

Crypto Coin List

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, which means they are not controlled or regulated by any third party. It only uses cryptographic techniques to control the creation of new units. With the rapidly evolving crypto world, new cryptocurrencies are coming in every day, and some are becoming dead. The crypto coin list provides a complete list of all existing cryptocurrencies, including obsolete ones. The list will contain the name and the ticker symbol, market capitalization, supply rate, current price, trading volume, historical data, and any project on the coin; this is your number-one go-to if you are considering where to invest.

Crypto Profit Calculator

Everyone is into this venture to make a profit, so cryptocurrency investment is a never-ending search for opportunities. Utilizing crypto trading tools like the crypto profit calculator is one of the ways to ensure you are always on the winning side.

As the name implies, the crypto profit calculator is a crypto trading tool that allows users to calculate potential profit and loss from their cryptocurrency investment or trade. The tool considers initial investment, purchase price, volume, current price, selling price, and transaction fee. Advanced crypto profit calculators will even let you input options like tax and other external fees. In the cryptocurrency world, where prices are highly volatile, and nothing stays the same for long, this is one of the essential tools for crypto investors; this leads us to the indispensable crypto trading tool.

Crypto Price Ticker

The price ticker is a crypto trading tool that complements all other crypto trading tools listed here.

Also sometimes referred to as the price tracker, the crypto price ticker is a tool that displays real-time or near real-time prices of the different existing cryptocurrencies. Prices are updated in real-time, but it will still keep data on the price fluctuation over some time (hour, week, month) to provide researchers with more information to work with. Crypto investors would need to stay updated on price movements to capitalize on any price change, and this tool helps them out in that aspect. Most cryptocurrency exchange platforms have this particular tool, while their features may differ.

Crypto Tax Calculator

Crypto is taxed, just like stocks. Using crypto for trading or investments has tax implications. The crypto tax calculator helps you to simplify the process of calculating how much tax you have accrued. It was mentioned under the crypto profit calculator that some advanced calculators let you include tax as part of your calculations, but that is if you know the amount. The tax calculator is expected to be linked to your wallet to get accurate information on all your transactions and compute the cost basis for each transaction.

RSS News Feeds

It has been established that staying up-to-date is essential for effective market research for crypto investors. No doubt you would have subscribed to multiple news sources to get any new info in the crypto world. The RSS News widget lets you get all your news in one place. Say no to the awkwardness of having to visit multiple sites to validate information; you can get the RSS News widgets, add the news sources you are subscribed to, and you will get notified whenever new information is posted on any of the websites. You can visit the RSS News feed and read it for yourself. Advanced RSS News feeds will come with different customizable options for users who want to integrate them into their websites. Most RSS News feeds, as mentioned earlier, support multiple sources, they also have filters and sorting options which allow you to navigate the news order faster, and some provide you with offline access; by downloading the selected news, you can then access it later without a need for the internet.

What are the Best Crypto Trading Tools List

Most exchange platforms have one or two of these crypto-trading tools. They want to make things easier for their clients when transacting. Here are some of the best platforms with crypto trading tools list that are exceptional:


PlasBit is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with a comprehensive set of utilities. It is usually called the multipurpose cryptocurrency platform and deserves this name. PlasBit offers a variety of crypto trading tool options for clients, starting from the crypto profit calculator to the coin list, the price ticker, the tax calculator, or RSS News widgets. They even have advanced crypto trading tools like the crypto mining calculator; for miners, apparently, the fear and greed calculator, a history calculator; for checking on the price fluctuation of coins over a while, and more. They even provide the code to some of these tools so users can add it to their websites if they own one.


Since its inception, CryptoCompare has established itself as one of the best crypto data aggregators and data analysis platforms. Their comprehensive real-time and historical data of the various coins have made them one of the best crypto trading tools you should consider. Their crypto trading tool lists include the converter; to compare the prices of two coins, the profit calculator, the mining calculator, the price ticker, a comprehensive coin list, the fear and greed calculator, a history of price index, and a space for crypto reviews. Sounds like the complete package?


CoinTracking is a comprehensive cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and tax reporting tool. It enables users to track their holdings across multiple wallets and exchanges, generate detailed profit/loss reports, and calculate capital gains for tax purposes. This tool is handy for those with complex crypto portfolios who need to keep track of their investments and help them with tax regulations compliance.


These guys have one of the biggest and longest crypto price tickers. The website lists over 9,000 different coins. There is no way you won’t find what you are looking for. They serve as a market aggregator, like the CryptoCompare, but the data on their website here is just voluminous. CoinMarketCap is one of the best crypto trading tools for up-to-date coin prices, as the prices are updated in real-time. They also provide a portfolio tracking feature, and when you opt for their newsletter, you will be notified whenever there is a substantial change in the coins you select. From observation, CoinMarketCap is best at its price ticker with real-time monitoring and updates, but it is better to look at the other crypto trading tools if you want an all-in-one tool that caters to your different needs.


These two are honorable mentions, but let’s face it, there is no better way to gain information faster than social media. With Telegram groups and Discord servers, you get to connect with hundreds of thousands of investors like you online, people with like minds, and even mentors and elders who can provide further guidance, and this is not to say that Telegram and Discord don’t have any trading tools to offer, a cryptocurrency-focused Discord server will have multiple bots that serve different purposes, all for you to utilize. Same with Telegram. Although information gained here still needs to be verified and scrutinized thoroughly as there will be people who will always come with malicious intent. It is up to you to filter out unwanted noises and focus on what you want.


The crypto trading tools list contains some of the best tools you can try for their different uses. Crypto trading tools equip you with the information to make optimal investment decisions. However, users should remember that most calculation tools like the crypto profit calculator, the fear and greed calculator, or the mining calculator only provide an estimate based on user input information. Cryptocurrency is a very volatile asset. As such, their estimates should only be used as a basis for more research or investment. These tools are indispensable if you want to be a successful crypto investor.

If you want the best, we recommend the PlasBit widgets. They have a wide range of crypto trading tools for you to explore, unlike some that only focus on one. You might be thinking since they are diversified, they won’t be comprehensive, but how wrong you are. PlasBit makes the jack-of-all-trades phrase work. Not only are they comprehensive, but they are also highly customizable.

Crypto Trading Tools List
crypto trading tools