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Despite being around for some time, bitcoins have only recently gained popularity. But are you facing trouble with keeping up with real-time data?

In the world of cryptocurrencies, websites embedded with a price “ticker” tool can run data for different cryptocurrencies and provide real-time data changes for you.

So, the crypto price ticker is your following best tool to help you with an overview of the crypto price statistics, market cap, etc.

Here’s how it can help you!


What is a Crypto Price Ticker?

Crypto Price Ticker runs data for you on all types of currencies and updates automatically. It displays the rate and ranking of each cryptocurrency along with the real-time change. The crypto price ticker allows you to embed this widget on your website or device and regularly runs on the site.

It provides you with each currency’s market cap, trading view, and price statistics.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies have their Ticker symbols, such as BTC, ETH, and LTC, displayed by the widget with personalization.

The Crypto Price Ticker widget requires you to provide input to the Coin Id ranging from XRP to EOS. You can delete any item in the coin id list. Then comes the currency code, which is usually USD by default. Your next step is to choose the font color and the background color of your crypto price ticker widget.

After all the selections have been made, you will be provided with a website widget containing the code that can be embedded in your website. The code keeps on getting updated as per your selection choices.

The code is then copied to where you want your widget to be on the website. There is an option to load numerous widgets of a similar type; however, the script is allowed for one-time loading only.


Best Crypto Ticker Website



The PlasBit is one of the best websites for using a crypto ticker widget. It not only allows you to add different coins but gives you the option to customize your widget. PlasBit crypto price ticker widget can be designed in different designs and embedded with the help of code on any website we want. Hence, it enhances your experience of using various widgets.


You can opt for the CoinMarketCap crypto price ticker widget to display your used coin or cryptocurrency. It presents all crypto coins and demonstrates the fiat currency option. The results show the rank, market cap, and volume of the cryptocurrency.

Final Words

Given the state of the market at the moment, the capacity of cryptocurrency investors to keep an eye on, manage and determine their investments’ value in each location.

The crypto price ticker outperforms all other trading tools currently on the market.

If you want an easy way to find the most current cryptocurrency price statistics, real-time data, and widget customization, use PlasBit’s Crypto Price Ticker.


Crypto Price Ticker
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