Components for bots

Components for bots

Bitcoin Trading and Lending Bots

Ready-made bots:

1 / Trading bots for free

2 / Lending bots for free


poloniex lending bot

Readme written by auther (explains also how to run the bot on Windows too)

Article on how to run this bot and how it works


3 / Commercial trading bots

haasbot affil that will never get paid anyway but hey ho the bots good

Articles about Haasbot: How to set up HaasBot on Linux - it is possible even though Haasbot was primarily written for Windows. Bitcoin trading bots - good idea, bad idea? - well, you need to configure the bot first. Haasbot has tons of functions, it doesn’t work out of the box.

Building yours - Components for trading bots:

1 / API wrappers & access to exchanges

2 / Technical indicators - libraries and ports

3 / Backtesting