Secure Crypto Payments with PlasBit's Advanced Crypto Trading Tools

Crypto transactions are growing faster due to their safer, more secure, and instant transaction status. PlasBit is a leading crypto trading tool enabling cutting-edge solutions for this new crypto era. The company first provides financial services to crypto holders, such as debit cards loaded with crypto, digital wallets, transfers, and exchanges. In addition, PlasBit has developed various widgets for the crypto community.


PlasBit is a licensed crypto exchange platform that provides the crypto community with several financial services and improves how businesses and individuals spend and receive their cryptocurrencies. They enable users to make payments worldwide with improved security, free from restrictions, low transaction fees and reduced financial risks. As a product, it offers a wallet and cards to use and store your crypto and “solutions” in one place.


PlasBit is a pioneer among other crypto trading tools that also provides website widgets, such as a calculator, price ticker, coin list, profit calculator, RSS, etc. With PlasBit, you can get up-to-date and accurate exchange rates and keep up with the latest trends in the cryptocurrency market.


PlasBit Widgets

PlasBit is one of the few crypto trading tools offering various widgets in one place. They are powerful crypto tools that allow businesses and individuals to easily integrate the latest updates, including prices and exchange rates, into their websites. All the widgets can be customized according to your preferences in terms of design and the crypto coins: you are free to choose between 50+ cryptocurrencies.


Since crypto payments and transactions are becoming increasingly popular, businesses that offer the option can take advantage of PlasBit widgets. They can display the latest market data and trends directly on their websites. The results can be displayed in various formats: price charts and tables, crypto lists, volumes, exchange rates, etc.


Crypto Calculator

Besides providing the most secure financial services, PlasBit is ranked as the best crypto calculator among crypto trading tools. With the help of this widget, you can get the most current data on crypto exchange rates and convert prices online between two currencies, crypto, and fiat, in real time.


This widget lets you choose between 50+ cryptocurrencies and 30+ fiat currencies. You can change your theme by choosing the background, text, and button colors and placing the widget everywhere on your website. To embed the widgets on websites, you need to design them as you wish and then copy the short URL under the widget.


If you want to embed the various widgets and have no knowledge of code, PlasBit offers support services with the help of their developers. They can help you with any concerns regarding the embedding process. You must simply copy and paste the widget link anywhere you want it displayed.


Crypto Price Ticker

PlasBit lets you get the latest real-time tickers, charts, crypto data, and price updates. To display the widget on your website, choose the coin (you can choose multiple) and paste the widget wherever you need it. With the help of design tools, background, and text colors, you can choose the best way to present the most current crypto prices, including the percentage change, volume, market cap, and a 7-day line chart.


Crypto Coins List

One of the most critical crypto trading tools is the crypto coins list. It is an essential crypto tool for anyone wishing to keep up with the ever-changing crypto world. Whether a newcomer to the crypto market or an expert crypto trader, you need up-to-date information about the latest prices, charts, and data to make informed decisions.

PlasBit offers a comprehensive crypto coins list that includes a wide range of cryptocurrencies and their real-time prices. With this widget, you can keep track of top cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more, all in one place.



In addition to real-time prices and data, PlasBit’s crypto coins list widget also offers historical data on each cryptocurrency, allowing you to keep track of price changes over time and gain valuable insights into future crypto market trends.

To stay on top of the crypto news, you need to display a crypto coins list on your website, keeping you and your customers updated on the latest news about the crypto market.

Crypto Profit Calculator

The crypto profit calculator widget offered by PlasBit is a handy crypto trading tool that helps crypto traders easily calculate their profits and losses.

With the help of this widget, you can make your crypto profit calculations based on the current prices of various cryptocurrencies. This crypto tool will reflect on your trading history and give you insights into planning your future investments better.

The calculator is user-friendly, easy to use, and free, making it an accessible crypto tool for everyone interested in cryptocurrency trading.


Crypto News RSS

In the fast-paced crypto market, it is essential to access up-to-date news. The Crypto News RSS by PlasBit is one of the essential crypto trading tools to keep businesses and individuals informed about the latest changes in the market.

With this widget, you can easily integrate a “feed” of cryptocurrency news directly into your website, providing visitors with valuable and timely information.


PlasBit allows you to customize and choose the source(s), including popular news platforms such as “Bitcoinist,” “CryptoPotato,” “Forbes,” and “Entrepreneur.” The widget is also highly customizable: you can choose the number of cards to display, the scroll direction, the background, and the text colors.

To stay in the loop of the crypto world, you will need the latest essential and breaking news on your website, which is possible with PlasBit widgets.


Crypto Mining Calculator

Find out if it is the right time or profitable to start mining with the Crypto Mining Calculator by PlasBit. This widget makes it simple and easy to see mining profitability based on hash rate, power consumption, and costs. You can choose the best cryptocurrency that will work for you based on the widget’s most up-to-date and current data.


PlasBit Wallet

PlasBit has found the solutions for achieving mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. It developed ways to increase security and data protection by constantly assessing the current and potential risks in the cryptocurrency chain. One of the crypto trading tools PlasBit has developed is the PlasBit wallet. PlasBit wallet is designed for you to:


  • Make and accept crypto payments and transactions with maximum protection.
  • Convert crypto to fiat currency via bank transfer and debit card.
  • Manage 5+ crypto coins, including BTC, ETH, LTC, ADA, USDC, and ERC20 tokens.
  • Use private keys protected by biometric and 2-factor authentications.

To get started with PlasBit wallet, you will need to:

  1. Create an account.
  1. Fund your account with crypto.
  1. Start sending and receiving crypto securely.

PlasBit Cards

The other crypto trading tools PlasBit has developed are crypto cards. PlasBit offers three kinds of cards to fit your needs and preferences better, each with different load, purchase, and single ATM withdrawal limits:


  • PlasBit Virtual: it has a $25000 load per day from the PlasBit wallet, a $5000 POS purchases limit per day, a $100000 maximum remaining card balance, and a $20000 single POS purchase limit

  • PlasBit Plastic: this type of card offers the same advantages as PlasBit Virtual with increased numbers and additional features: it has a $5000 load per day from PlasBit wallet $500 single ATM withdrawal.
  • PlasBit Metal: this card includes the same advantages and features as PlasBit Plastic with increased amounts: it has a $5000 load per day from the PlasBit wallet, a $30000 POS purchases limit per day, $10000 single ATM withdrawal, and $500000 maximum remaining card balance.

Each of the cards:

  1. Supports multiple currencies and payments in local currency around the globe.It 
  3. Comes with enhanced security by including an EMV chip and a pin code.
  5. Can track your activity by sending instant notifications and accessing your transaction history.
  7. Can be used in millions of locations worldwide with the option to pay with contactless, PIN, and withdrawal from compatible ATMs (except for the virtual card).

To get started with PlasBit cards, you will need to:

  1. Create an account,
  2. Load your wallet, and
  3. Order your preferred card
  4. Fund it in the amount you wish
  5. Start spending off and online

Final Thoughts

To sum up, PlasBit is one of the leading crypto exchanges that offer a variety of crypto trading tools for users to trade with low fees and secure transactions.

With the help of its website widgets, it is easier than ever to make well-informed reading decisions. The platform’s impressive and promising features and growth potential make it an excellent crypto exchange for anyone seeking to enter the cryptocurrency world.


With its user-friendly website, easy-to-use crypto tools, interface, and responsive customer support, PlasBit is a reliable option for beginners and experts. Therefore, if you are looking for a trustworthy and efficient crypto trading platform, PlasBit is the one for you.